Thursday, November 13, 2008

Was it a feelings

For so long... i never feel this kind of feelings. People don't always feel the same way about us, as we feel about them.
It's not a crime, just only human nature. It is who we are. We all know this of course, but we also know the hurt that comes when the feelings aren't shared ones.

i wonder why i felt this feelings always linger in my heart .. held and bound deeply to my heart. As it i was born with it.
Even so.. I'm hoping this feelings would go away.

Sometimes, the feelings i feel for them were never return
Honestly, it does break my heart
it makes the tears want to flow from my eyes and I feel that my heart,along with my composure, slowly dies.
yet I still be waiting even until the end for the feelings to be return..
i just hope i could stand and hold on to the pain of waiting....

just because of one reason.....i love them

1 comment:

wORd of wINd by Shafar Shahril said...

i also wanna cry tonight
but i try to laugh as to pretend this sorrow has never come